Barefoot Cabana

Bar and Grill on the Beach

Barefoot Cabana Bar and Grill

Dining at Barefoot Cabana Restaurant and Bar gives everyone a pleasurable experience. Diners are served with only the freshest food ranging from Turks and Caicos and Caribbean favorites – conch dishes, grilled fish, bbq ribs, jerk pork and chicken, peas & rice, and local cuisines. Ultimately, every item on the menu goes perfectly well with your favorite beverage.

Since her younger years, its founder, Claudette Gibson-Gardiner had been dreaming of putting up a place where everyone could hang out and enjoy good food. With her passion for local cuisine and love for grilled dishes, she yearned for a venue where both may be enjoyed amidst an atmosphere that is fun, fresh and wholesome. And although the original concept of the business was one where people could unwind with a drink or two, Barefoot Cabana Restaurant and Bar inadvertently became a family restaurant too. Customers liked our wide variety of food selections and the clean and fun motif. Barefoot Cabana Restaurant and Bar continues to evolve to respond to the ever growing needs of our customers. We also take pride in taking care of our people – one of our most valuable assets. We develop inspired and competent human resources who are constantly seeking ways to further enhance our skills. We believe in our ability to act with a sense of urgency in creating innovations in order to deliver world class products.

When it comes to pricing, we pursue cost leadership and a culture that aims to maximize cost and resources. We believe in offering our customers the best value for their money. Indeed, Barefoot Cabana Restaurant and Bar remains a favorite place to dine in among Islanders and tourists.

So for great food and loads of fun, you'd still rather be at Barefoot Cabana Restaurant and Bar.


  • Local Village White Sand Beach
    Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos


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